1. Development works :- Streets, Drains, Development of Park and Parking etc.
  2. Installation and Maintenance of Street Lights.
  3. Registration of Birth, Death and Marriage Registration.
  4. Implementation of poverty alleviation programmes .
  5. Sanitation and Solid Waste Management Project
  6. Issuance of Ration Card.
  7. Others as per Municipal Act and instructions issued by the Government from time to time..


S.No. Duties perform Name of dealing hand


1Registration of birth & death
2.Registration of marriage
3.issue the marriage certificate
4 issue the birth & death certificate
5 collection of fees & taxes
6 issue  the BPL certificate



1. Conduct the street light fault with the
staff of electricity department




1.Prepare and disburse of salary & Pension
of MC employees
2.Maintain Service books record of the employees
3.Disburse the all payments of the parties after verifying the bill by JE MC Dehra
4 Maintain the Pension Fund of employees
5.Maintain of G.P.F. Account of employees
6.Maintain Pension Cash book & General Cash book
7.Maintain Expenditure Record of MC Dehra
8 Prepare Budget of MC
9 Issue the NOC of Water Connection
10.Issue the NOC of electricity Connection
11.Correspondence with Govt. & Typing work



1.Execute the Development work of MC
2.Verify NOC reports for water connection and
electricity connection
3.Verify the Building Plan after technical inspection
4. Maintain Govt.Grants accounts
5. Perform survey works of MC



1.Assist the EO MC Dehra for Govt.policies



1. Implement the Govt. Policies with the
President of MC
2.Control the Municipal Council `s working efficiency
Perform by  the Municipal Council staff